Clip-On Bird Chirstmas Ornaments

When it comes to clip on bird Christmas ornaments, Old World Christmas has so many options to choose from. These cheery little clip on birds are so simple to attach, and will bring so much vibrancy and life to your tree. Welcome nature into your Christmas celebration with clip on bird ornaments.


About Our Clip-On Bird Chirstmas Ornaments

Clip-On Christmas Bird Ornaments

Embrace the beauty of nature this holiday season with our exquisite collection of blown glass, handcrafted clip-on bird ornaments. These charming decorations bring a vibrant touch of the outdoors right into your festive home.

Beloved Birds for Your Tree

From partridges in pear trees to calling birds and French hens, birds are a cherished part of the holiday. In nature, they bring instant happiness with their beautiful songs and eye-catching colors. You might not see many birds in your yard this time of year, but you can make up for it with expertly crafted clip on bird ornaments.

Old World Christmas has an entire flock of handcrafted bird ornaments made using techniques from the 1800s. These shiny ornaments add a joyful touch to any Christmas tree. Each one is made of blown glass and painted by hand in vibrant colors. Celebrate good tidings and cheer with these adorable bird ornaments in your home.

Chirps, Caws, and Squawks

Missing your local songbirds this winter? Have a favorite seabird or bird of prey? At Old World Christmas, we have a variety of clip on bird ornaments available, so you can find your faves. From common songbirds you see outside your window to more exotic birds in zoos and other parts of the world, you can find the perfect clip on bird ornament.

You don’t have to choose just one type of bird for your tree. We’ve got bluebirds, robins, ravens, seagulls, barn swallows, lovebirds, and much more. You can turn your Christmas tree into a festive aviary featuring birds from all over the world. Or fill it with local bird species that have flown south for winter.

Colorful and Festive Birds Bring Cheer

Have a specific color theme for your tree? Or is your tree filled with all kinds of colors? Old World Christmas has the ideal clip on bird Christmas ornaments to add even more hues to your tree. Give yours a dazzling display of colorful feathers and plumage, whether you want bright red cardinals, bold yellow canaries, brilliant blue jays, multicolored peacocks, or a mix.

We also have bird ornaments with festive flair, like birds wearing winter hats and Santa hats and birds painted in shades of red, green, and white. No matter what look you want to create on your Christmas tree, Old World Christmas can help.

Explore Our Other Animal Ornaments

While our clip-on bird ornaments are a delightful highlight, they're just the beginning of the enchanting journey through Old World Christmas's ornament collection. Our handcrafted treasures extend far beyond the treetops, diving into the depths of the ocean with marine life, roaming the domestic realms with cats and dogs, exploring the wilds with zoo animals and woodland creatures, and even fluttering amongst the delicate world of insects.

Browse our entire collection to look for web specials, the perfect handcrafted and painted ornaments for your home. From animals and pets to household items and fairytales, you’ll find an impressive range of ornaments to spruce up your Christmas tree.

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